The Triangle-Coffee Signature Roast is a single origin Arabica specialty coffee, hand roasted to perfection in collaboration with Khanya Craft Coffee, a multi-award winning coffee company with a combined experience of 75 years in roasting.

Our vision for Triangle-Coffee is to bring people together and experience the best coffee possible at this iconic meeting point, or to simply enjoy at home.

Coffee Subscriptions

We know you love coffee, probably even more than we do! Enjoy one of our four take-home varieties delivered straight to your door. Avail of our flexible subscription offering for as much or as little coffee as you need and never run out of Triangle-Coffee!

Monthly Guest Coffee

We are delighted to be showcasing one of Khanya Craft Coffee’s most iconic coffees as this month’s guest roast.

Referred to as one of the best highland-grown Arabica coffees in the world, with bright soft acidity and a heavy body oozing with flavour. Cups beautiful as an espresso for a light full flavoured coffee.

DASH coffee club

The DASH Coffee Club is our online customer loyalty program where any customer over the age of 18 can join, collect and spend points on purchases on our online shop and events. We have numerous exciting benefits!

We treat your loyalty as royalty.


Browse our range of excellent coffee products to complement your cup of Triangle-Coffee at home, the office or on-the-go.