Khanya Craft Coffee: Exceptional coffee ethically sourced from the origin

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It goes without saying that we here at DASH love coffee! Hence why we have spent the last three years developing our perfect roast in collaboration with the highly skilled roasters at Khanya Craft Coffee

At DASH, we work with like-minded people and businesses who share our vision and values. We are proud to be working with Khanya Craft Coffee, an independent Irish company with a passion for coffee, sustainability, and with a drive to be the very best they can be through extensive research and excellent service. 


Khanya Craft Coffee perfecting the trade

Seeking out Grade 1 Arabica Beans with a unique flavour ensures that Khanya’s coffee suits all tastes to create a high quality experience.  The beans are profiled for perfection and roasted by two of Ireland’s leading Master Roasters. 


Khanya Craft Coffee constantly seeks out single origin coffee sources from the coffee world to bring unique flavours to the Irish Market. They have won many awards, including the Great Taste awards for many of their coffees.



“We have focused on perfecting single origin Arabica coffees of the highest grades by a process of multiple test roasting and profiling to ensure consistency in your cup and to ensure we have hit the optimum sweet spot of a particular coffee” said Bernad McDonnel of Khanya Craft Coffee company.


Ethically sourced coffee directly from the origin

Khanya’s craft coffee beans are selected from a single origin;coming From farms that have a unique profile of the very highest grades these include single origin coffees from Brazil, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Indonesia to name but a few. This gives customers a wide choice from many different flavours to understand the great story behind Khanya Craft Coffee.