DASH Coffee Club

Join the DASH Coffee Club! (it’s free to do so)

The DASH Coffee Club is our online community. Members can avail of a range of exclusive benefits. All you need to do is to register an account and off you go.

What is the DASH Coffee Club?

The DASH Coffee Club is our online customer loyalty program where any customer over the age of 18 can join, collect and spend points on purchases on our online shop and events. We have numerous exciting benefits! We treat your loyalty as royalty.

What are the benefits of the DASH Coffee Club?

  • Get rewarded with points for online purchases and when you book events
  • Accumulate points to receive discounts on future purchases/bookings
  • Receive early access to book events before non-members get the chance to book. This is great for events with limited spots!
  • Receive exclusive booking access to certain events, for example our regular coffee tastings
  • Receive automatic entry to member-only competitions
  • Only members can buy scarce speciality coffee roasts
  • Receive access to exclusive member-only content. For example, tasting notes & pairing and more!

How can I join the DASH Coffee Club?

How do I earn points?

How many points do I earn?

How do I spend my points?

How do I see my points? 

Can I earn points when I buy at the container café?

How can I change my Coffee Club details?

I’ve noticed a mistake regarding my points, what do I do?

Turn your points into pints!

What are the terms and conditions?