DASH Yoga Mat

What does a DASH Champion Do?

A DASH Champion is an ambassador for the DASH brand.

☑ Our champions grow excitement about DASH fitness events, DASHERS to the rescue charity events, Triangle-Coffee and all things DASH in their network and community,
☑ Shares stories about their adventures,
☑ Honorably represents the DASH brand,
☑ Supports DASH events in their community*,

*when safe to do so

Who should apply?

☑ People who are passionate about running, cycling, fitness, giving back to the community
☑ People who believe in a community of like-minded people
☑ People who regularly visit DASH and are excited to promote the brand and our community values

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DASH Champion Benefits

☑ Exclusive discounts on DASH Apparel & Coffee
☑ Exclusive discount codes which you can share with friends and family
☑ Champions also get special behind-the-scenes access and input into new products and events
☑ Special Champion meet-ups
☑ Early access to product launches and promotions
☑ Product modeling opportunities