By Melanie May


Meet me at The Triangle

The Triangle has long been a favourite rendezvous point in the Phoenix Park, Dublin. Telling someone to ‘meet me at The Triangle’ ensured you’d always find each other in what is one of the largest enclosed recreational spaces of any European capital.


The Triangle is located right behind DASH at the Hole in the Wall pub so, in suitable tribute to this glorious community gathering spot, our new brew is called Triangle-Coffee. Now there is another hub where you can meet your mates before strolling around the Pheono – ‘meet me at DASH and we’ll head to The Triangle’.



Triangle-Coffee, the perfect roast

We have spent three years developing the perfect roast in collaboration with the skilled craftspeople at Khanya Craft Coffee. Our single origin Signature Roast arouses the senses with its flavour, aroma and deep red crema.


Order Triangle-Coffee at DASH and our talented baristas will prepare it just the way you like it. Perfect. Want to enjoy a cup at home too? Buy a bag of beans online or at the container. No grinder? No problem. Just tell us how you enjoy your coffee – French press, AeroPress, drip etc. – and we’ll grind the beans for you.


We take that convenience one step further with our coffee subscription service. Fancy having a bespoke coffee delivery to your door each month, for a few months or once a year? You choose your style of coffee, quantity, beans or ground, and we’ll do the rest. From DASH to door, your caffeine levels will always be topped up with Triangle-Coffee.



Triangle-Coffee Ethos

When it comes to sustainability, we don’t think that’s just a buzz word. Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do, and we try to make Triangle-Coffee as sustainable as possible so that it benefits not only the environment but everyone involved from the coffee growers and roasters, to our employees and you. All of the packaging we use for Triangle-Coffee is recyclable, our single-origin coffee supports an independent family and our supplier is a local, Irish-owned family operation.


As you can see, the three cornerstones of Triangle-Coffee are community, quality and sustainability. Triangle-Coffee brings people together at DASH, or at home, over a cup of great Irish-roasted coffee brought to you in a way that is environmental and socially sustainable.


We hope you like Triangle-Coffee as much as we do. We can’t wait to welcome you to DASH to try a cup.

We hope you will enjoy your time here. Our aim for our blogs is simple, we want to provide you with vital content to enrich your everyday life. Stick around as we will be bringing you a lot of interesting articles on coffee, healthy living and… Actually, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Please read on and see what DASH will bring to Phoenix Park.

What is DASH?

DASH is an exciting new container café on its way to the Phoenix Park, Dublin. DASH will be situated beside Hole in the Wall and will be offering more than just coffee. It is a modern concept for a bunch of like-minded people who are living an active, healthy lifestyle, are passionate about quality coffee and enjoy the occasional treat.

We have outlined the 9 top ways in which DASH will give you added value to enjoy in your everyday life.

1. Coffee

We are serious about coffee. So serious in fact that we have spent years sourcing, tasting and developing the perfect roast.

Triangle-Coffee is inspired by The Triangle in the Phoenix Park, right on our doorstep. This is a popular gathering area for people to congregate and meet friends. The vision for Triangle-Coffee is to bring people together with our excellent coffee at this iconic meeting point, or at home.

Coffee events
We will also be bringing you coffee tasting events, masterclasses, training and product demonstrations.

Coffee subscriptions
Our coffee subscription service will ensure a monthly delivery of hand-roasted coffee perfection straight to your door.

2. Healthy Foods

As part of our healthy lifestyle approach, we will provide a range of nutritionally rich ready-made meals. DASH will provide a selection of keto, primal and paleo meals. We also offer a selection of protein and electrolyte drinks. The container café will also offer an array of healthy food and flavoursome smoothies for you to choose from.

3. Get-fit, stay-fit

We have a keen focus on wellness and the local community and intend to host many exciting get-fit and stay-fit activities and events for all ages. Browse, book and pay securely for these events right on our website.

DASH will be hosting get-fit and stay-fit activities in the Phoenix Park

4. Family fun

Very soon, you can rent a bike, grab a picnic basket and explore 14km of cycle trails in the neighbouring Phoenix Park, visiting it’s famous inclusive sights along the way.

5. Serious cyclists, runners and athletes

Not only do we sell high-quality cycling gear and ath-leisure apparel, but we would also like to invite you to the DASH Container Café as a destination. Meet-up with friends, family or members of your club for a pre- or post-exercise, and enjoy a revitalising smoothie, an electrolyte refreshment or the ever-popular sausage roll.

DASH Cycling

6. Sneaky snacks

We all enjoy the occasional treat. Both kids and adults can look forward to a creative coffee & ice-cream menu featuring unique combinations. Using a 100% Irish dairy cream that is free from artificial colours and preservatives, you can indulge, guilt-free, in our selection of luxury ice-cream, milkshakes, smoothies, Frappuccino’s and Affogato’s.

7. Four-legged friends

At DASH, we love our four-legged friends. DASH will also cater for the additional household member with a puppy-cino or refreshing paw-secco. We’ll also be selling a range of tasty, high-quality and grain-free dog food and treats.

8. DASH Apparel and Lifestyle products

Not only do we want to eat and drink well, but we want to dress well too. Our range of DASH Mens’, ladies’ and childrens’ ath-leisure wear will be modern, stylish and of superior quality.

9. An online community

We have a different outlook to the online world than most businesses. Our social media accounts are used to add value to your life and to inspire you with excellent content. Our fully immersive website will be an exciting platform available to our online community, a one-stop shop for all things DASH.

We invite you to taste the DASH lifestyle!