DASHERS To The Rescue take on the ‘Mizen To Malin’ Cycle Challenge in aid of Cycle Against Suicide

Have you always wanted to combine doing something you love with helping others? Or perhaps you have a deep desire to test yourself and push your body to its limits, all in aid of highlighting a great cause? With so many fitness events taking place throughout Ireland every year, we wanted to be part of something that is not only enjoyable and challenging but contributes toward making a difference to those who need help. DASHERS To The Rescue would like to announce, our involvement and sponsorship, in Cycle Against Suicide’s, ‘Mizen to Malin Cycle Challenge!

We have planned a number of action-packed and exciting events leading up to the challenge, all of which aim to not only get the best out of our riders in terms of preparation, but also create a platform for DASHERS To The Rescue to highlight the importance of mental health in Ireland, and likewise, the world. We are also looking to recruit ‘DASH Champions’, who will have the opportunity to represent DASH and our values as they promote our brand and interest within the community.

What To Expect?

DASH has always been proud of working alongside and collaborating with the community. By continually supporting and donating to various charities and good causes every weekend. We want to take this platform to the next level!

Regular Café Rides

DASH Container Café and its location to the famous Phoenix Park, makes for the perfect Cycling hub for any keen cyclist. Ever since our container opened back in 2020, it’s always been a regular meeting place for many fitness and social occasions, whether that be early mornings or late afternoons. We’re looking to start our own unique DASH Cycling Club, where riders can get together, head off for a cycle and enjoy some delicious coffee and healthy treats afterwards.

Fitness Training & Preparation

Through Larry Brady and his team from UNIT13 Fitness, our fitness partners, we are bringing professional insights and training catered to the needs of the avid cyclist. UNIT13 Fitness will host regular sessions on areas such as strength, conditioning, nutrition and wellbeing, all with the objective of preparing our cyclists to take on the Mizen to Malin cycle challenge. Larry Brady, our Personal Trainer, will delve into the finer details on how to practically and sensibly change your everyday habits in order to develop a healthier balanced lifestyle while enjoying everything that the summer months have to offer.

Bicycle Mechanics On Duty

DASH will have bike mechanics available once per week who will service bikes for all our community riders. They will be responsible for ensuring bikes are well maintained to the highest standards at all times and repairs are carried out efficiently to ensure our riders are safe and prepared for any challenge they may face.

Become a DASH Champion

Are you a fitness fanatic who enjoys being part of a community of individuals who love quality coffee, giving back to the community and all things related to DASH? Do you have a passion to help promote our brand, our community involvement and our commitment to grow interest in the DASH Lifestyle? If yes, then we recommend you sign up to become a DASH Champion.

Our DASH Champions will be our own ambassadors during this journey, as they cycle in aid of Cycle Against Suicide. We’re giving individuals the chance to taste the DASH Lifestyle by applying to become a DASH Champion.

If you’re interested in applying to become a DASH Champion and representing DASH in this momentous event and in future, we encourage you to signup below.

Support the Cycle Against Suicide Mizen to Malin Challenge

Cycle Against Suicide’s, ‘Mizen to Malin Cycle Challenge’, promises to be fun, challenging and ultimately, a great cause in promoting the importance of Mental Health. Participating in this challenge and experiencing the camaraderie with fellow cyclists, our riders will make their way through Ireland’s picturesque views of the West Coast, all in aid of this amazing initiative.

Designed specifically for Cycle Against Suicide’s, ‘Mizen to Malin Cycle Challenge, our professional lightweight DASH cycle jersey, made by Mc Quaid Custom Clothing. If you’re interested in applying to become a DASH Champion and representing DASH in this momentous event and in future, we encourage you to support and donate to this worthy cause.

Why Donate?

Cycle Against Suicide’s aim is to train and deploy ‘Community Buddies’ across Ireland.

The Cycle Against Suicide Buddy Programme prioritises peer-to-peer action as a means

to identify and help those who may be vulnerable.  Our programme trains and equips

participants with the practical, hands-on skills and knowledge they need to deliver

support to those in mental health distress in their local communities.

Why the Buddy Programme?

According to the World Health Organisation communities can play a pivotal role in

preventing suicide and are in a powerful position to mobilise themselves in support of

the individuals affected.  Research shows that the greatest impact is made when support

is provided locally by people and organisations who are part of the communities they


Research shows that talking – and having a trusted confidant to talk to – is one of the

most powerful factors in promoting good mental health.  Research also shows that

people facing mental health challenges often feel they do not have anyone they can talk

to or rely on to come alongside them. Even when they have people around them, they

are reluctant to engage because they don’t think other people would understand what

they are going through.

Every day in Ireland at least 1 person dies by suicide! Cycle Against Suicide Community Buddy Programme train individuals in OUR local communities – to be able to offer free mental health support. A Community Buddy will be accessible to all persons, free of charge, whenever and wherever it is needed. Recent research into mental health in the workplace found that a large proportion – nearly 80 percent – of Ireland’s corporate employees suffer from concerning levels of

stress, anxiety and depression.

Cycle Against Suicide’s evidence based Schools; Programme – is designed as a whole

school approach to mental health. It supports mental health education in schools,

reduces stigma, promotes resilience and fosters a sense of belonging among young


As a child running was simple.

Put on the runners. Run out the door. Keep running!

Simple. 😇

However as we age there are a few more considerations.

Here are some common notes before starting your 5km, 10k or Marathon programme. These alone will make a massive difference in your running performance. 💯

How often should I run?📆

Run a little and run often. This can be taken one or two ways. However what we may suggest is considering how much time you can realisitically spend running. Give or take it will take you a total of 45 mins – 1.5 hours to get your run in. Even if its just a 30 minute run. (10 minute stretching, 30 min run, 5 mins recovery).

Lifestyle considerations need to be made. This is where a coach will come in handy.

However we suggest starting with 3 times per week. Two running “sessions” and one very slow recovery run.

How far? 😳

If the fastest man in the world was to run 5km it would take him under 13 minutes to do it. If it takes you 25-35 minutes then would it not be wise to run for time.

At the end of the day the guy who ran 13 minutes is finished in half the time. So therefore technicaly he did half of the work.

We would recommend that on 2 days of the week you run for a set amount of time. then on one day of the week run a set calculated distance.

Often times injuries come about from 2 things:

  1. Drastic increase in volume
  2. Drastic increase in intensity.

Therefore take it easy and work from a programme.

How many miles? 🤯

Same answer as above. Realistically you want to run the 5km or 10 k or marathon faster. Therefore to do so you need a good structured programme. I would never prescribe mileage to someone who had been running for less than 1 year consistently 5-6 days per week.

So if you havent been running consistently 5-6 days per week for the last year then forget about miles and follow the rule outlined in the previous point (See the above section on: ‘How Far’)


Hydration isn’t a solution for when you have a decrease in performance. Its the solution that you need for optimal performance in every avenue.

If you are a coffee drinker, like most runners are, hydration becomes even more important.

Our rule at UNIT 13 is:

2 Before 2

That simply means 2 litres of water drank before 2pm. Also on hotter days or on heavy training weeks we often encourage clients and runners to consume a Dioralyte 2 to 3 times per week to replace salts and minerals that you have perspired.

Overall you want to be consuming 1 litre per 25kg of bodyweight. Typically 3 litres per day.


If you are running you need fuel.

Your body needs recovery. To find the best solutions consult with a nutritionist. However we do suggest having foods that are high in complex carbohydrates and rich in protein pre and post workout. Fats like avocados or other tend to be a bit more difficult to breakdown after your workout so keep these for other meals.

However when running you want to insist you get the timing of meals right.

Nobody likes running while food sways around in their stomachs.

This then comes down to trial and ‘SMALL errors’. Don’t be silly. Eat wholesome food and leave the takeaways until AFTER physical activity

Why strength train 🧐

As we age we tend to lose lean muscle mass. The reason for this as that at the end of puberty we have a reduction in “growth”. Growth and strength of muscles can only then occur if they have resistance placed upon them and our limbs are challenged to ben and move (strength work).

Think about it…

If you have any join on your body which doesn’t move in its full range of motion because of lack of strength and mobility that joint and the muscles around it are vulnerable to injury…

Therefore our strength and posture isn’t as resilient as it was back X amount of years ago. This may yield some issues in your running performance.

  • Stride length reduction
  • Efficiency decreased due to weak postural muscles
  • Range of motion issues in major joints
  • Bone mineral density issues

However do not let this deter you. Simple contact a professional strength coach (US…. wink wink). Strength coaches and coaches are typically a lot cheaper than they used to be. But a good one can cost you anything from €30-75 per week for 2-3 sessions per week).

How fast? (Pace) 💨

This is my favourite one.

Its so so easy to get wrong.

When we talk about 70% or 100% that does not mean sprinting pace when we talk about anything longer than 100m.

Technically a human being can only reach max 100% sprint pace over the course of 50-80m. Coming to the end of a 100m race the fastest athletes in the world are actually fatiguing and slowing down!


When training for anything take the below chart and implement that pacing strategy.


In terms of training intensity over the course of a 5 day running programme I would start with something that involved all running at 50-70% for 2-3 weeks and then move to something like this:

Mon: Steady LIGHT run 30 minutes

Tues: Intervals 3 minutes on 1.5 minute off x6 (80-90%)

Weds: Rest

Thur: 20 minute Tempo (70-80%)

Fri: 35 Minute light run (50%)

Sat: Long run 35-40 mins (60-70%)

Sun: Yoga / Pilates / Strength work.

What footwear? 👟

  1. Dont buy the ones that look fancy just for the sakes of it!
  2. Typically here the best thing to do s go into a running shop. A running shop is best. Typically the people working in here are athletes / runners themselves so they all you loads of questions, then ask you to have a look at your feet (have the nails done…) so that they can assess for pronation / supination.
  3. I would suggest being assessed by these shops and trying a pair of runners that suit you. The key here is have enough room in the ‘toe box’ to wiggle and flatten your toes for some sense of comfort.
  4. When you find the right pair. Buy 2 pairs. That way you can then switch them out when wet from the day before and also your feet get used to the same type of shoe so that you dont have to get used to them every-time you put them on.

DASH launches the Active in April Challenge, 2021 which is an exciting virtual community-based fundraising event in partnership with Peter McVerry Trust. This lockdown is hitting every one of us hard so we at DASH are using this opportunity to get motivated, mentally fit and spread some positivity and goodwill.

By participating you will not only feel great as you accomplish your physical, mental, and fundraising goals, you will officially become part of the DASH community. Your Active in April challenge will have a far-reaching impact on others as the funds you raise will help someone accessing a Peter McVerry Trust service. Your support will help those experiencing homelessness to take the next steps towards a life of independent living which is currently out of their reach. If you are the type of person who feels excited about making New Year’s resolutions every year but find yourself losing enthusiasm as the weeks go by and giving up entirely by the month of March, remember you are not alone. We at DASH won’t tell you what to do but we will offer you lots of tips to recommit to previously set goals, to set new targets, stay motivated and have fun along the way. This challenge is the game changer in a year of never-ending restrictions and lockdowns as it gives you total control to set your own realistic goals which are challenging enough to excite you, achievable and have meaning and purpose for you.

Set Your Challenge & Open doors to people experiencing homelessness

All you need to do is set your own challenge. It could be anything – get fit, run 2k a day, learn a new skill, walk outdoors every lunchtime, learn to play an instrument, eat clean… the list goes on. If you haven’t done so already start thinking about your goal and your whys, your motivation. Get reflective, make your decision, and commit to it for the 30 days, or even just a single day, of April. As humans we are attracted to pleasure so picture a healthy, happy proud version of yourself. Think of the difference the amount raised will make to the Peter McVerry Trust who help open doors to people experiencing homelessness.

Active in April limited edition t-shirt
Limited Edition T-shirt

Once signed up you will receive a limited-edition Active in April t-shirt and a free coffee at DASH Container Cafe every Sunday in April.

Welcome to the club – you are officially a member of the DASH community, supporting one another through our Active in April Challenge.

Create a virtual and face to face social life

There are fun times ahead, you are now a DASHER to the rescue. DASHERS to the rescue are a growing community of like-minded people who are living active, healthy lifestyles and are passionate about contributing to society along with enjoying good quality coffee, chats, and treats. Each week we at DASH will keep you motivated, give tips and hints on how to maximise your wellbeing. Active in April will look different for everyone yet we are doing this together, keeping one another accountable, raising awareness, boosting our wellbeing, and building connections during this pandemic.

Over to You

What is your challenge? Why is it important to you? How will you look/feel at the end of the challenge? What do you hope to gain by participating in Active in April? Keep us and the rest of the community inspired by posting pictures & inspirational quotes on social media and use the hashtag #ActiveInApril2021 and tag both DASH Container Café and The Peter McVerry Trust.

Written by: Kay Murphy, DASH Mindfulness Coach 

In December 2020 we had the privilege to raise in excess of €9000 for various charities and good causes including The Little Blue Heroes, Save Dublin Zoo, The hygiene Bank and Jigsaw to name a few.

We were delighted by the positive response from the DASH Community, so we decided to formalise these initiative. So, it is with great pleasure and absolute delight that we announce DASHERS to the rescue. Our community collaborations for good causes campaign for 2021.

Community Coffee Mornings

Every Sunday morning between 10am and 12pm DASH will give our community a platform to raise money for any community-based good cause.

We will help raise awareness for these causes with all donations between 10am and 12pm every Sunday to go towards the week’s chosen cause.

Get involved!

We would like to invite you to get involved by nominating your worthy cause. This may be a local kid’s football club, awareness for mental health, school fundraiser, a helping hand to rescued pets. We are open for suggestions!

This Week’s chosen cause is:

Down Syndrome Ireland

Down Syndrome Ireland is the voice of people with Down syndrome and their families throughout Ireland. We provide a wide range of vital services that enhance the lives of thousands of children and adults with Down syndrome. We rely on the generosity of people like you and really do appreciate any amount that you can afford to donate – Thank you so much!

You are also welcome to support Down Syndrome  directly by clicking here.