Active in April – Your Mental Wellbeing

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DASH launches the Active in April Challenge, 2021 which is an exciting virtual community-based fundraising event in partnership with Peter McVerry Trust. This lockdown is hitting every one of us hard so we at DASH are using this opportunity to get motivated, mentally fit and spread some positivity and goodwill.

By participating you will not only feel great as you accomplish your physical, mental, and fundraising goals, you will officially become part of the DASH community. Your Active in April challenge will have a far-reaching impact on others as the funds you raise will help someone accessing a Peter McVerry Trust service. Your support will help those experiencing homelessness to take the next steps towards a life of independent living which is currently out of their reach. If you are the type of person who feels excited about making New Year’s resolutions every year but find yourself losing enthusiasm as the weeks go by and giving up entirely by the month of March, remember you are not alone. We at DASH won’t tell you what to do but we will offer you lots of tips to recommit to previously set goals, to set new targets, stay motivated and have fun along the way. This challenge is the game changer in a year of never-ending restrictions and lockdowns as it gives you total control to set your own realistic goals which are challenging enough to excite you, achievable and have meaning and purpose for you.

Set Your Challenge & Open doors to people experiencing homelessness

All you need to do is set your own challenge. It could be anything – get fit, run 2k a day, learn a new skill, walk outdoors every lunchtime, learn to play an instrument, eat clean… the list goes on. If you haven’t done so already start thinking about your goal and your whys, your motivation. Get reflective, make your decision, and commit to it for the 30 days, or even just a single day, of April. As humans we are attracted to pleasure so picture a healthy, happy proud version of yourself. Think of the difference the amount raised will make to the Peter McVerry Trust who help open doors to people experiencing homelessness.

Active in April limited edition t-shirt
Limited Edition T-shirt

Once signed up you will receive a limited-edition Active in April t-shirt and a free coffee at DASH Container Cafe every Sunday in April.

Welcome to the club – you are officially a member of the DASH community, supporting one another through our Active in April Challenge.

Create a virtual and face to face social life

There are fun times ahead, you are now a DASHER to the rescue. DASHERS to the rescue are a growing community of like-minded people who are living active, healthy lifestyles and are passionate about contributing to society along with enjoying good quality coffee, chats, and treats. Each week we at DASH will keep you motivated, give tips and hints on how to maximise your wellbeing. Active in April will look different for everyone yet we are doing this together, keeping one another accountable, raising awareness, boosting our wellbeing, and building connections during this pandemic.

Over to You

What is your challenge? Why is it important to you? How will you look/feel at the end of the challenge? What do you hope to gain by participating in Active in April? Keep us and the rest of the community inspired by posting pictures & inspirational quotes on social media and use the hashtag #ActiveInApril2021 and tag both DASH Container Café and The Peter McVerry Trust.

Written by: Kay Murphy, DASH Mindfulness Coach